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Social Security Disability

If you are out of work and unable to work and will not be able to work at least twelve months, do not lose the benefit of Social Security taxes you have paid. If you are disabled under the law, you can receive monthly benefits for you and your dependents. The appeal process takes time. It is important that you meet all of the deadlines and understand the documentation needed to file for disability insurance. If your claims are decided in your favor, you could receive benefits to your original application date.

A misstep in the process could cause you to loose several years of benefits. Get the help you need and deserve. Under Social Security Disability Insurance, you can recieve benefits based on your inability to work. At Rebel Brown Law Group, we understand the legal system and can file all necessary documentation so you can collect the disability benefits you are entitled to. We have extensive experience addressing various cases of disability resulting from injury or ailments.

Call us for a free consultation. If your claim is not successful, we do not collect a fee.

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