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Most of us don’t enjoy thinking about having to write a will or devise a plan for our estate after we pass, but these kinds of things are necessary to ensure our loved ones know what to do in the future, and protect our assets.

Estate planning can be incredibly time-consuming, overwhelming, and the legalities are usually hard to understand. In order to prepare an estate plan, it’s important to fully comprehend the details that go into drafting them.

Estate plans are made to prepare for the unexpected—illness, incapacity, and death. This involves carefully filing various forms of documentation, such as power of attorney, a living will, as well as dictating who can manage assets and make health decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated, or otherwise unable to manage your own affairs and make your own health care decisions.

Estate planning can involve everything from property management delegation and ownership adjustments to dispersing any number of assets.

Under New Jersey and Federal law, the distribution of one’s assets after death involves the preparation and proper execution of a will.

Both federal and state taxes may be imposed following the redistribution of assets. Navigating all of your legal options when you are devising your will and estate plan, as well as potential consequences related to the distribution of assets, delegating who has power of attorney, etc., requires extensive legal research and forethought.

In order to ensure your estate plan is laid out properly and reflects your wants and expectations, you will benefit from the advice of an experienced estate attorney in South Jersey when filing.

Rebel Brown Law Group is here to offer you the legal advice and representation you need to protect your interests. Our law firm has extensive experience in these matters. We know the ins and outs of estate planning, and we work personally with our clients to make certain we address all of their concerns.

Trusted Estate Planning Lawyers in South Jersey

If you are struggling to understand the intricacies of estate planning, are concerned your interests won’t be protected after your death, and need help from a trusted estate planning attorney in South Jersey to devise a suitable plan, contact us today.

The Rebel Brown Law Group has the experience and knowledge you expect from a top-tier estate planning law firm. We know how to address all of the detail-oriented tasks that come with preparing wills and asset management following death.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and ensure your interests are always protected.

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