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For most people, contemplating what will happen after their death is a frightening thought. Unfortunately, however, no matter how young each of us is, plans need to be made to prepare for the unexpected: illness, incapacity, or death. Properly planning for unexpected illness or incapacity involves careful consideration of many options. It also involves the careful preparation of the appropriate documents such as a power of attorney or living will, that address who can manage your assets and make health decisions on your behalf if you are too sick or otherwise incapacitated and unable to manage your own affairs and make your own health care decisions.

Such important estate planning decisions should only be made after carefully considering all of your options so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your family. The advice of an experienced attorney who understands the importance and difficult nature of these decisions should be carefully considered before making any decision.

Under New Jersey and Federal law, careful consideration must be made with respect to the distribution of one’s assets when one dies, which involves the preparation and proper execution of a will. The transfer of assets upon your death may result in both federal and state taxes being imposed. Navigating the legal options and consequences related to the distribution of assets upon death requires the advice of an experienced and compassionate attorney to ensure that your wishes regarding your property are properly carried out after your death.

At Rebel Brown Law Group, our attorneys listen to your concerns. We provide advice to you with the same care, concern, and professionalism that we provide to our own family and friends.

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