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Filing for a divorce may be one of the most challenging experiences you will ever have. Not only is the process emotionally draining, but it can also be very complex and confusing.

Many important decisions need to be made, and having an experienced divorce lawyer by your side is vital to help you navigate the process. If you are considering a divorce, or your spouse has indicated they are considering divorce, seek legal counsel from an experienced Gloucester County divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

Your divorce lawyer will be able to provide you with information about your rights and help you understand the divorce procedure.

Also, it’s imperative to seek an attorney to work with you to determine the best course of action for your particular situation. Although you and your spouse may be on good terms, divorce can bring up challenging issues regarding child custody, asset division, and alimony. These unforeseen issues can strain even the friendliest of relationships.

In order to make the divorce process as smooth as possible, it is crucial to have an experienced divorce attorney by your side. The Rebel Brown Law Group, LLC attorneys have over 14 years of experience handling all divorce cases in Gloucester County.

Our legal team will strive to make you feel valued and never ignored. We understand your challenges and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and interests. Our top priority is to provide our clients with the best possible outcome, and we will do everything we can to ensure that happens.

If you are considering a divorce or have been served with divorce papers, contact Rebel Brown Law Group, LLC today at (856) 881-5000. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Gloucester County divorce lawyers. We will review your case and help you understand your options so you can make the best decision for your future.

Our Divorce Services

At Rebel Brown Law Group, we understand that each divorce is unique. Therefore, we take the time to get to know our clients and their families so we can tailor our legal services to meet their specific needs. From completing all the necessary paperwork to representing our clients in court and negotiating asset division, we have the experience and knowledge to handle every aspect of your divorce.

We offer a wide range of divorce-related services, including but not limited to the following:


We take care of both uncontested and contested divorces. From marital asset division to filing all paperwork, our goal is to create a smooth process for you. The sooner you contact our firm, the sooner we can begin working on your case.

Child Custody, Support, & Visitation

Determining child custody and visitation can be full of emotion. We will help you navigate the process and protect your parental rights. As a result, your children experience as little stress as possible.

We understand that your top priority is protecting your children’s best interests. Therefore, we will help you negotiate a child custody and visitation agreement that works for your family. We will also help you determine the appropriate amount of child support and ensure timely payments.

Marital Settlement Agreements

A marital settlement agreement is basically a legal document drafted to determine custody arrangements, financial boundaries, parenting time, and other relevant issues dealt with after a divorce. Once you and your spouse can reach an agreement, we will help you draft a marital settlement agreement that meets all the legal requirements and protects your interests.

Alimony & Spousal Support

Alimony and spousal support can be challenging to negotiate. We will help you determine the appropriate amount of support and ensure all payments are made on time. As your attorney, we will strive to ensure that all reported incomes are accurate and that the support payments are fair.

Property Division

Property division can be one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce. We will help you negotiate a fair property division agreement and ensure all paperwork is filed correctly.

Post-Divorce Modifications

If your circumstances change after your divorce is finalized, you may need to modify your existing divorce agreement. Some common reasons for modifying a divorce agreement include a change in income, remarriage, or a move to a new state. We will help you adjust your agreement and file all paperwork correctly.

Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders

Suppose you are a victim of domestic violence. In that case, we can help you secure a restraining order to keep you safe during divorce proceedings.

We understand how difficult it can be to make this decision, and we will do everything in our power to protect you and your family. We realize how scary this time can be, especially when children are involved, and we will help you through every step of the process.

Other Family Matters

Along with divorce, our lawyers can handle various family law matters, including grandparent visitation and paternity determination. We realize that every family is unique, and we will tailor our legal services to meet your specific needs and requests.

High Asset Divorce Attorneys

The legal team at Rebel Brown Law Group takes pride in specializing in high-net-worth divorces. These divorces tend to be more complex. That is why they require more attention and time due to a more complex division of assets procedure.

The process may involve liquid assets, trust retirement accounts, real estate holdings, stock options, and hidden assets.

Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle these types of divorces. We will work diligently to protect your interests and ensure you receive a fair settlement. And you can rest assured that our legal team will be with you during the divorce process.

Small Firm Getting You Big Results

The Rebel Brown Law Group LLC is a small firm dedicated to providing personalized service to every one of our clients. We are family-owned, and our professional legal team has over 14 years of expertise and experience handling divorce cases.

We aim to provide personable, small-firm attentiveness and get you big-firm results. We strive to make you feel valued and taken care of from the instant you step into our office.

The Rebel Brown Law Group provides legal services from child custody to divorce to estate planning, criminal, and social security disability representation. So, whether you’re seeking flat-fee assistance or an attorney for life, we are here to help.

Your initial consultation will consist of meeting with one of our divorce lawyers for 30 minutes to one hour to examine your case. The initial consultation is imperative because it allows us to gather knowledge of your situation and allows you to ask pertinent questions.

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If you need legal advice, trust the divorce attorneys at Rebel Brown Law Group, LLC. Marianne Brown, our managing lawyer, is a Certified Matrimonial Attorney for New Jersey. Our legal team has over a decade of experience helping individuals in Gloucester County.

Contact us at (856) 881-5000 for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you through this difficult time.

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