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Filing for divorce is a decision that takes a toll on all involved parties, not just yourself and your spouse. Starting the process requires a number of complicated steps that can easily become confusing, emotionally exhausting, and frustrating.

If you and your spouse are considering divorce, or one of you is thinking about initiating the process, reaching out to a Camden County divorce lawyer is essential to protecting your rights. The earlier you talk to an attorney, the better the proceedings will go, even if your spouse and you are on good terms.

Not all spouses believe their divorce will be messy, however, even the most amicable settlements can still lead to complicated issues that need addressing, such as child custody, asset division, and alimony.

In order to best handle this overwhelming process, the divorce attorneys at Rebel Brown Law Group are here to help you through every step. This includes negotiating on clients’ behalves, handling all legal proceedings, and finalizing documents. Even though divorce is a difficult thing to go through, we do our best to make it as stress-free as possible.

At our family-owned practice, we have extensive experience fighting to protect the rights of individuals involved in both complicated and standard divorce cases. When you work with our law firm, we put communication first, which means we listen to your concerns and make sure your questions are always answered.

Our Legal Services

Our legal services surrounding divorce range from managing asset division, to representing clients who are undergoing child custody negotiations in court. Due to our level of experience, our attorneys have seen it all, which means you can trust us to handle nearly any area of divorce law.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is difficult for all parties involved, which is why we handle both contested and uncontested divorce cases. When you work with the Rebel Brown Law Group, you can rely on us for everything from filing paperwork and negotiating asset distribution, to spousal support and alimony. We are also committed to supporting LGBTQ+ clients who are going through the divorce process- Don’t hesitate to reach out to our attorneys today!

Marital Settlement Agreements

Negotiating things like financial boundaries, child custody agreements, and other legal concerns that need to be handled delicately, are often clearly lined out in what is known as a marital settlement agreement. This legal document can be drafted by our reputable divorce attorneys to ensure your rights are protected, and the results fairly benefit all parties.

Domestic Abuse

If domestic violence is a client’s reason for filing for divorce, the situation can be even more complicated than ordinary divorce proceedings. Our attorneys at Rebel Brown Law Group understand filing for divorce from an abusive partner can be incredibly difficult, especially if children are involved.

As your attorneys, we will manage the proceedings as carefully and delicately as possible, and assist you in securing a restraining order during the process to help keep you safe.

Children – Custody & Visitation

Our attorneys do everything they can to make the difficult and emotional process of addressing child custody and child visitation agreements go as smoothly as possible. Our top priorities are ensuring that your parental rights are protected, and that your children are not negatively impacted by the proceedings.

Family Law

At Rebel Brown Law Group, our lawyers are experienced in a variety of family law matters that may come up during divorce proceedings, such as child support, grandparent visitation, paternity law, spousal support and alimony, and more.

Property Settlements

Anything that was purchased or acquired during your marriage counts as marital property, which means it will need to be split fairly between yourself and your spouse. The process can be stressful, which is why our divorce lawyers work to make things go as smoothly as possible by tackling the complicated legalities and financial assessments.

High Asset Divorce

High net-worth divorces are complicated and usually result in lengthy proceedings. Assets of high value often require extensive division negotiations and procedures, and may include everything from real estate holdings and stocks, to liquid assets or trust retirement accounts.

The attorneys at Rebel Brown Law Group specialize in these types of cases, which means you can rely on us to ensure your rights and finances will be protected during the proceedings, no matter how complicated the situation is.

Divorce Lawyers in Camden County, NJ – You Can Count On Us

Rebel Brown Law Group offers clients trusted legal counsel from a small, family-owned law firm with over 30 years of experience in divorce and family law. We pride ourselves on spending focused time and attention on every client, proving our dedication to protecting your rights, and always handling divorce with the utmost care and legal precision.

From standard cases to lengthy, high net-worth divorces involving complicated asset division, our firm can deliver unparalleled results.

Our team is available 24/7 to help protect your rights and discuss legal matters. If you are searching for a trusted divorce attorney in Camden County, NJ, contact Rebel Brown Law Group today.

Call us at (856) 881-5000 to schedule a divorce lawyer consultation with our law firm, and find out how we can help you through this difficult process.

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