Talking about Divorce

October 13, 2015

 Many people make the mistake of not talking with a divorce lawyer until they are ready to actually start the process and file the paperwork. Unfortunately, this can lead disastrous results. As soon as you think there is a chance that your marriage is going to end, you should seek legal counsel.


When you meet with an attorney, your discussions are confidential. This means that you can discuss matters open and freely without the concern of anyone else finding out. You might be surprised how much this lowers your stress level too.


There are many factors involved in divorce. Having an attorney explain the rules and prepare you for what you will be facing is essential. You need somebody who can explain the financial moves you should and should not make. If you have children, it is important to understand all of the options for custody, child support, visitation and other matters that will impact your children.


Your lawyer can also help you understand certain aspects that you may wish to monitor to determine if your spouse is taking action in anticipation of divorce. Your spouse may try to move assets or talk you into a settlement agreement that isn’t in your best interests. You don’t want to be naïve and unprepared. If you wait until the divorce pleadings have been filed with the court, it may be too late to undo the damage.


Finally, simply because you confer with a divorce lawyer does not mean that you will get divorced. A consultation is only a means for educating yourself while also trying to avoid a lot of future heartache.


If you are considering divorce, let us help answer the many questions you have and set your mind at ease. Knowing you understand the process and you have a strategy in place if it becomes necessary, will give you the peace of mind you need.

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