Domestic Violence Awareness

Removing oneself from an abusive relationship can be both a daunting and scary task.  Whether facing physical, emotional or even financial abuse you don’t need to face it alone. Seeking help is the first step towards living a safe life—one that is abuse free.

Domestic violence and abuse can be present in a variety of relationships. Between spouses, household members, from adult children, dating partners or co-parents, domestic violence affects many relationships.

There were over 61,000 cases of domestic violence reported in New Jersey alone in 2015, according to the Domestic Violence Offense Report. Of these offenses women were the victims 74 percent of the time. However domestic violence and abuse does not discriminate against gender, age, sexual orientation or race, as it is a prevalent issue among all people.

But silence is not the answer.

There is an assortment of resources to reach out to if stuck in an abusive relationship.  Reaching out to law enforcement, crisis hotlines or legal services are all viable options. At Rebel Brown Law Group, LLC we can assist you through your situation and provide you the legal help you need.  We are experienced in taking the appropriate protective steps, to prevent the recurrence of abuse from occurring. Versed in the legal concerns surrounding domestic violence, our firm can properly assist you back to living a healthy and secure life.

The lawyers at Rebel Brown Law Group, LLC hold priority in the safety of you and your children. Our firm will work towards achieving the best outcome for the well being of both you and your family.

If stuck in an abusive relationship reach out to us at (856) 881-5000 for the help you deserve.

Additional Resources:

If facing immediate danger always call 911.

New Jersey Domestic Violence Hotline: 1 (800) 572-7233 (SAFE)

This hotline provides confidential access to domestic violence services, those including crisis intervention, referral and advocacy.

Marianne Rebel Brown