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Indicators of an Abusive Relationship

When an individual attempts to cause harm or fear towards another person they are in a relationship with, they are partaking in domestic violence. This is not just limited to physical abuse. It may consist of verbal abuse, sexual assault, financial control or even isolation.

Very serious health concerns may be experienced by victims and survivors of abuse. According to the State of New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families, domestic violence is viewed as a public health issue. Physical injuries could include that of bruises, broken bones, or head trauma. Furthermore, lasting effects of abuse can include chronic stress and anxiety.

Knowing the signs of abuse is the first step towards recognizing an abusive relationship and preventing yourself from physical or emotional harm. Listed are some of the signs that can be associated with the different types of abuse.

Signs of physical abuse may include:

-Victims having frequent injuries or bruises cause from “accidents”

-Missing work, school, or social events

-Wearing long sleeves, long pants or sunglasses to cover bruises

 Sexual assault:

-Forced to participate in unwanted, degrading or unsafe sex

-Non-consensual sexual activity, even with a spouse or intimate partner

 Financial control:

-Having limited access to credit cards or money

-No control over own bank accounts or stolen money from accounts

-Restricted to an allowance

-Prevented from choosing a career


-Prevented from seeing friends or family

-Not going out in public without their partner

Persons facing abuse may:

-Talk of their partner’s temper, jealousy or controlling behaviors

-Be afraid or nervous about pleasing their partner

-Show signs of low self-esteem

-Display changes in their personality

-Seem depressed or even suicidal

Among these signs there are many other indicators that may point to the presence of domestic abuse. Identifying an abusive relationship is the first step towards seeking help. At Rebel Brown Law Group, LLC we can provide you the legal help you need. Our team is highly experienced in issues of domestic violence.

We can successful help you identify signs of abuse, provide guidance in seeking restraining orders and establish plans to prevent further abuse. In handling divorces for domestic violence survivors, Rebel Brown law Group, LLC is determined in protecting the well-being of you and your children.

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